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Best Aussie Vans 2016: Trakmaster Pilbara Explorer Review

2016 BAV: Trakmaster Pilbara Explorer

Take a look inside Trakmaster’s Pilbara Explorer, purpose built to get off the beaten track and off the grid for a long time.

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Best Aussie Vans Finalist 2016 Jurgens Lunagazer J2405 Review

2016 BAV: Jurgens Lunagazer J2405

Join Max Taylor as he runs his eye over the Jurgens Lunagazer J2405, lightweight for its size due to the aluminum and plywood composite build, this caravan is jam-packed full of added features and is well engineered.

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Best Aussie Vans Finalist 2016 New Age MR18ER SE Review

2016 BAV: New Age MR18ER Special Edition

Join the Best Aussie Van Judges as they review the Manta Ray Special Edition, with its innovative details and a pristine arrange of luxury features this caravan is is true wonder.

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Avan Ray 402 Video Review

Avan Ray 402: 2016 Review

The Avan Ray is lightweight, tows exceptionally well, and employs the simplicity of a slide-out bed for added internal space, making this caravan a tempting prospect for blacktop touring.

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Van Cruiser Grange

2015 Review: Van Cruiser Grange

Is a spa bath and a rain shower in a caravan going too far? Michael Browning immerses himself in the new Van Cruiser Grange to find out.

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Track Trailer Tvan Mk4 Canning

Track Trailer Tvan MK4 Canning: 2015 Video Review

The Track Trailer Tvan Mk4 Canning retains its golden sheen with a few smart refinements.

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Roma Elegance

Roma Elegance: 2015 Review

Join Peter Quilty as he takes a look at the Roma Elegance, a perfect mix of luxury and strength, which comes complete with ample storage space and fully equipped modern facilities.

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Caria Caravans Toy Hauler GT-8

2015 Review: Caria Caravans Toy Hauler GT-8

Join Ali Millar as she reviews the Caria GT-8, the perfect vehicle for sports lovers seeking a mix of adventure and luxury.

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A’van Ovation m5 Motorhome

A’van Ovation M5 Motorhome: Video Review

With a clever wind-down bed and plenty of interior space, A’van’s Ovation M5 motorhome is ideal for long periods on the road with the family in tow.

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Knaus Sun Ti 700 LEG

Knaus Sun TI 700 LEG: 2015 Review

Join Malcolm Street as he reviews the European-built Knaus Sun TI 700 LEG, a vehicle which delivers on quality and comfort and built to Australian specifications.

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Review: Wonderland RV Amaroo 2100RC-A

Wonderland RV’s all-new Amaroo 2100RC-A radiates opulence – and is tough to boot!

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Review: Vision VH16 Sunseeker Caravans

An innovative hybrid range from Sunseeker Caravans is set to light up the competitive offroad sector.

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