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Van Cruiser have put a spa bath in a new model that’s about to hit the market

Caravanning innovations: What’s next?

At Caravan World, we are absolutely loving the innovations coming to the fore.

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Van Cruiser Grange

2015 Review: Van Cruiser Grange

Is a spa bath and a rain shower in a caravan going too far? Michael Browning immerses himself in the new Van Cruiser Grange to find out.

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The new Coronet slide-out model.

New releases at Melbourne Leisurefest

A host of new releases at 2015 Melbourne Leisurefest showed off the strength of the industry.

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Van Cruiser Outlaw

Van Cruiser Outlaw: Review

Van Cruiser redefines the toy carrier with the Outlaw hybrid.

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Spa Bath Van Cruiser caravan is set to drop jaws when it unleashes its new transverse rear full-size

Spa Bath Van Cruiser caravan: Unveiled

As Victorian manufacturer Van Cruiser gets set to unveil it’s latest caravan – featuring a spa bath – we ask caravanners – would you go in for this indulgence?

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Van Cruiser Bumble Bee

2015 Review: Van Cruiser Bumble Bee

Join Michael Browning as he tours the very colourful Van Cruiser Bumble Bee, and see why it's a technological standout when traveling on the road and on the dirt tracks.

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Van Cruiser The Resort


Review: Van Cruiser The Resort

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Tested: XTOUR Atlas

The XTOUR Atlas is a family van designed to tackle tough roads whilst fitting a lot of functional living into a relatively small space.

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Caravan Tested: Legend Trackline 186

The Legend Trackline 186 is a sensibly-sized couples rough road tourer, and with lots of quality inclusions, it vies for a place among the best offroaders.

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