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Caravan Safety On The Road

Staying safe on a trip requires a bit of common sense, a bit of preparation and a bit of expenditure. Combined they’ll add up to a happy trip and safe return for all.

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Excellent Towing Experience with a Torque Converter Lockup Kit

This Aussie-designed and developed auto transmission lockup kit promises to save money and reduce vehicle wear and tear by changing the operation of the transmission to optimise it for towing conditions.

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Just how much can my vehicle tow?

Understanding towing weights is confusing, and a 3500kg maximum tow rating specified is often misleading. Here’s a short guide.

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Weight distribution hitches — what do they really do?

Balancing your tow vehicle while hitched up is of the utmost importance, and these devices make it a breeze

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2021 Isuzu MU-X Launched

First Drive: 2021 Isuzu MU-X plus launch details specs

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AutoPacific Group purchases Cruisemaster

The all terrain towing tech company will become part of AutoPacific Group's international vehicle accessories and towing solutions network

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Tow in the Know

Experience is the best way to learn to tow and perfect your technique in various conditions, but a course will set you down the right path.

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Five Golden Rules of Towing

Understanding how to safely tow your van comes down to five simple principles, according to towing instructor, John Eggenhuizen

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The Traveller Superhighway

Plug in, recharge and hitch up for our journey into electric vehicle towing options.

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La Vista Caravans Arrived to South Australia!

With domestic demand for quality-built caravans, homegrown caravan company La Vista has opened a new facility in South Australia.

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Condor Ultimate Family 24ft

Caravan Review: Condor Ultimate Family 24ft

Condor Caravans might have the answer for large families with its 4 bunk 24ft Ultimate Family caravan!

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