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Kokoda Cadet II XLI Platinum

2017 BAV: Kokoda Cadet II XLi Platinum

Join Tim van Duyl as he reviews the Kokoda Cadet II XLI Platinum, and see how this 21ft van resonated with the judges at Best Aussie Vans 2017.

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Kokoda Major X-Treme


Kokoda Major X-Treme Review

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Kokoda Challenger X-Treme: Caravan Review

Join Michael Browning as he examines the Kokoda Challenger X-Treme, and looking at the spec sheet, it’s hard not to be impressed particularly with all the usual ‘extras’.

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The Kokoda Aussie Pride. A well-stocked blacktop tourer.

Kokoda Aussie Pride

Caravan Worlds' deputy editor Laura Keys heads down to the Mornington Peninsula to take a look at the Kokoda Aussie Pride and all it has to offer.

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Caravan review: New Age Caravans Manta Ray 18ft Ensuite

John Ford explores the latest mid-range couples tourer, the 18ft Manta Ray.

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Explore the best of outback NSW: Walgett and surrounds

Looking for country hospitality, artesian baths, great pubs and bunch of brilliant places to unhitch? Walgett and surrounds have it all.

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