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Retreat Spinnaker

2014 BAV: Retreat Spinnaker

Whether we like it or not, first impressions do count and, happily for the Retreat Spinnaker, it makes a darn good one. But it also has the goods to back it up, which is what helped propel the van into the Best Aussie Vans’ winner’s circle.

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Golf Savannah

2014 BAV: Golf Savannah

The diminutive 402, is genuine alternative for tent campers or camper trailer travellers who want to get up from the forest floor and into something more comfortable.

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Coronet FS2

2014 BAV: Coronet FS2

It wowed the judges at inaugural Best Aussie Vans event with its brave and innovation design, so it was only natural that the Coronet FS2 5950 4-T returned to defend its title at the 2014 showdown.

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Option RV Tornado

2014 BAV: Option RV Tornado

It captured the interest of many caravanning enthusiastic, the Option RV Tornado Equippe is a strong contender at the Best Aussie Vans 2014.

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Olympic Javelin

2014 BAV: Olympic Javelin

The Olympic Javelin is a small, compact caravan that’s a formidable touring option for first-timers or downsizers, Malcolm Street and Tim Smith review for Caravan World.

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Jurgens Narooma

2014 BAV: Jurgens Narooma

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes review of the Jurgens Narooma for Best Aussie Vans 2014.

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Roadstar Little Rippa

Roadstar Little Rippa: 2014 Review

Roadstar’s Little Rippa Adventurer combines single-axle simplicity with serious rough-road cred.

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Kedron Top Ender 3 Caravan

2014 Review: Kedron Top Ender 3

Kedron’s Top Ender 3 is a genuine offroader that should go wherever your 4WD can.

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Caravan Review: New Age Manta Ray MR19BE Limited Edition

New Age grew to prominence off the back of innovative interiors. The influence of new owners Walkinshaw Group has driven more technological development and a focus on testing — and we see the results in this Limited Edition family van.

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REDARC Launches New Fast-Charging Dual Battery

REDARC has launched GoBlock, a compact, portable, dual battery system with ultrafast charging while driving

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