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High Country

Camper Deputy Editor, Sam Richards, ventured into the lesser known Mt Baw Baw region of the Victorian High Country to put a couple of offroad hybrids to the test, within a setting steeped in gold mining history

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How to purchase an RV in the 1960s

Caravan buyers, especially first-time purchasers, should heed the principle of 'caveat emptor' when scouting for their dream RV

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Zone RV Expedition Series Z-10.0

We dragged two prototype Zone RV Expedition Series Z-10.0 campers 9000km from Brisbane to Innamincka, Adelaide, Esperance and back, all in the name of testing. What came of it was good and bad news

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Concept Innovation 705 XTS family van

From triple bunks to generous storage and separate shower and toilet, Concept’s Innovation 705 XTS has everything a modern travelling family needs

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Wonderland RV Adventus 1906

You could say the Wonderland Adventus 1906 is the RV version of the iconic mixtape — with a combination of blacktop-inspired street smarts and light-offroad cred, it can play a tune for just about every type of traveller

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Latitude Velocity 28 motorhome

Gold Coast-based Latitude Motorhomes is part of an almost exclusive group of boutique Australian RV manufacturers that reach for the sky when building beautiful top-line models

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Paradise Oasis Platinum motorhome

It might have a cool price tag, but Paradise’s Oasis Platinum literally has everything you need for a luxury motorhome adventure

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Sunland Blue Heeler

The Blue Heeler is a well-bred blend of Sunland’s proven offroad pedigree and some intelligent budget-saving ideas for new owners

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Wonderland Amaroo 2100

Buckle up for the family adventure of a lifetime with this offroad-ready tourer that also packs plenty of punch with its plush interior

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Rise of the Aussie nomad

Throughout our history, Aussies have always had a pioneering spirit, embracing the concept of motoring holidays to hit the road in search of off-grid adventure.

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Gold Coast Caravan Show

OutdoorX Marks The Spot

An experiential event showcasing the latest in outdoor products, including campers, is set to grace the Gold Coast this September.

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2018 BAV: Phoenix Sunland

After missing last year's event, Sunland is back, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, for another shot at the title of the Best Aussie Van 2018

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