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Review: Testing Nova Little Terra

Offroad caravans often require a heavy-duty tow vehicle but Nova’s Little Terra can offer something more understated.

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Review: Testing Titanium SS16.6 Hardcore

At Caravan World we often wonder at the increasingly large vans coming onto the road...

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Meeting New Challenges

Growing appetites for offroad travels equals changing energy needs. We spoke to REDARC about rising to this challenge.

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Titanium Hardcore ATX 19ft 6in

Titanium Caravans is a builder on the move, and its vans are finding their way into the remotest corners of the country

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Bushtracker 19 Compact

Time is nearly up for fossil fuels and this Bushtracker 19 Compact proves we can live comfortably without it — nearly.

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RhinoMax Lost Track Hybrid Tourer

What do you get when you cross a caravan and a hybrid camper? Something that tows like a camper but has room like a caravan.

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Bushtracker 20

At $215,000 this uncompromising offroader vies for the spot as the most expensive van we have reviewed.

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La Vista El Toro 1 Review

How do you make a traditionally built caravan stand out from the crowd? La Vista know how, and they show if off in the El Toro 1.

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Gibb River Road: The Kimberley’s Biggest Adventure

Adventure and beauty await on the Gibb River Road, one of the last wild frontiers of Australia.

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Royal Flair Raptor

It can look a little odd when you first cast your eyes across it, but the Royal Flair Raptor proved to be perfectly suited for what it’s aimed at

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La Vista Caravans Arrived to South Australia!

With domestic demand for quality-built caravans, homegrown caravan company La Vista has opened a new facility in South Australia.

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Condor Ultimate Family 24ft

Caravan Review: Condor Ultimate Family 24ft

Condor Caravans might have the answer for large families with its 4 bunk 24ft Ultimate Family caravan!

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