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Cub Campers: Introducing a new era of luxury hybrid caravans

Cub Campers now has three luxury hybrid caravans in its lineup — find out more about this innovative company and its recent successes.

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Cub C16 reviewed at Caravan of the Year 2023

The much-awaited release of Cub Campers’ first caravan last year didn’t disappoint, and the judges discovered that the C16 lives up to the hype.

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MDC unveils new hybrid models

Building on the popular XT10E model, MDC has launched two new 10ft hybrid caravan models.

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Review: My Dream RV Dream Catcher

My Dream RV is a new caravan builder and its offroad van is a well-priced and well-equipped model that couples will enjoy.

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Review: Signature Dominion Hybrid

Caravan World reviews a preproduction Signature Dominion and unpacks its family-friendly qualities

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Reviewed: K9 Coyote Hybrid

A new hybrid import has hit the ground running in the Australian market. Let's take a close look at the K9 Coyote and see what this new company has to offer for an alternative to Australian-built hybrids.

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Where to go in outback Australia: Top 8 destinations

From the tropical savanna of the Gulf to the inhospitable gibber plains of the Channel Country, Chris Whitelaw shares his top outback destinations.

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Betoota Hotel, Queensland: An unexpected outback adventure

What does one do when you’re stranded in the middle of Australia’s desert for two days?

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