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Riding Australia's Rail Trails

Strap on your helmet and get your bike ready to explore the various rail trails spreading throughout Australia.

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Should I buy an electrical bike (e-bike)?

E-bikes have been around for a while now, but the new Commuter e-bike by Ignite might help convince you to buy one

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Items that are accepted for recycling can differ around the country.

Reduce, reuse, recycle on the road

Whether to bin or recycle waste and packaging is a decision that confronts almost every Australian, every day. As a general rule, we are pretty effective at recycling when at home, but what about when we’re on holidays?

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Rubbish and waste

Are you a dumper

Does dumped rubbish make your blood boil? This blog looks at the issue of caravan park dumping, including toilet waste, abandoned fires and recycling.

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Tamworth Regional council


News: Music town Tamworth's clean act

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Where to go in outback Australia: Top 8 destinations

From the tropical savanna of the Gulf to the inhospitable gibber plains of the Channel Country, Chris Whitelaw shares his top outback destinations.

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Betoota Hotel, Queensland: An unexpected outback adventure

What does one do when you’re stranded in the middle of Australia’s desert for two days?

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