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New Age Road Owl MY22RO18E Reviewed at Caravan of the Year 2022

The Road Owl from New Age Caravans is a fuss-free rig with clean lines, modern appointments, and all you might need to take an extended break in a touring van

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Snowy River SRC21 Reviewed at Caravan of the Year 2022

Winning the Value for Money category for the second time running, this well-rounded couple’s van has solid scores in every category at an attractive price

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Titan 490F Blackhawk Reviewed at Caravan of the Year 2022

Getting offroad with the family is becoming the holiday of choice for many, and this particular Titan puts it within reach.

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Design RV Forerunner V5-2 Reviewed at Caravan of the Year 2022

Though Design RV may not have been around as long as some other brands, it is nonetheless proving to have the goods, as seen in the Forerunner V5-2.

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Roadstar Safari Tamer Extreme Reviewed at Caravan of the Year 2022

As the name suggests the Roadstar on show here is an extreme offroader and it comes from one of our heritage builders. As the judges discovered the tough looks are not all for show.

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Eat, sleep and chill the Wicked way

Wicked Campers has been renting out campervans for over 20 years. We checked out their updated vehicle range and were lucky enough to borrow one for our own outback adventure.

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Caravan of the Year 2022 Presented by MSA 4x4

It's testing time again as a crack team of judges, photographers, and organisers get a look at the best caravans in Australia at Caravan of the Year, presented by MSA 4x4

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