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Caravan review: Coromal Thrill Seeker 18ft

The Thrill Seeker 18ft might be small but it packs a punch for couples who want a compact van that can handle some rough road adventures.

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Caravan review: Condor Bluewave 18'4

Single axle caravans are generally shorter than tandem axle models. But does that mean a compromise in the living area?

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Highline Wombat reviewed at Caravan of the Year 2023

The Wombat by Highline Caravans was the smallest van reviewed this year, and the judges appreciated just how many features were packed into its compact layout.

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Review: Goldy 16ft Beach Cruiser

Goldy Caravans from the Gold Coast has tapped into a niche market for a compact and simple retro van.

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Review: Atlantic High Terrain 16ft 2in

Compact and ready to explore Australia’s backroads, Atlantic Caravans’ High Terrain 16ft 2in is well worth a second glance.

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Review: Paramount Micro

Is bigger always better in the caravanning world? Paramount’s Micro may suggest the answer is not always.

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Lessons from a solo traveller with a caravan in tow

Solo travel can seem daunting, especially for those without a lot of towing experience. Melissa Scott shares the many lessons she learned on her first solo trip.

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Caravan review: New Age Caravans Manta Ray 18ft Ensuite

John Ford explores the latest mid-range couples tourer, the 18ft Manta Ray.

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