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Review: Goldy 16ft Beach Cruiser

Goldy Caravans from the Gold Coast has tapped into a niche market for a compact and simple retro van.

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Retreat Caravans Owners and Family Group Rally is back for 2023

The next annual National Rally will be held in Wagga Wagga, NSW, from 23-30 March 2023.

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Introducing Kokoda's Squadron 22’7” family van

The newest family van in Kokoda Caravan’s fleet, the Squadron 22’7”, is a quad bunk van that packs a punch.

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Review: Deluxe Caravans Storm Breaker 21ft

The Storm Breaker is a well-built, offroad spec van great for family adventures. And Deluxe has built enough brand reputation for families to buy them online.

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Caravan Review: Legend 16 Trackline Hybrid

We take Legend's little hybrid for a run to see if it fits the bill for couples looking for a simple lifestyle and a more effortless towing experience.

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Composite Construction Caravans with Apollo RV

Queensland manufacturer Apollo stands out as a switched-on builder employing modern building techniques.

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La Vista Caravans Arrived to South Australia!

With domestic demand for quality-built caravans, homegrown caravan company La Vista has opened a new facility in South Australia.

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Condor Ultimate Family 24ft

Caravan Review: Condor Ultimate Family 24ft

Condor Caravans might have the answer for large families with its 4 bunk 24ft Ultimate Family caravan!

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Review: Testing Millard MFlow 17ft 6 Caravan 2022

Smaller caravans don’t always mean too much compromise in the internal design, but they do mean a lighter duty vehicle is required for towing. Millard’s MFlow 17ft 6in is a good example.

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Caravan Tested: Urban Tungsten X-Terrain

We team up on a 4000km road trip to review a trio of Urban offroad family vans as they set out on a year-long adventure.

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Discover Mandurah: A water wonderland and cultural gem

Western Australia's seaside city is brimming with colour and unexpected outdoor delights.

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Review: My Dream RV Dream Catcher

My Dream RV is a new caravan builder and its offroad van is a well-priced and well-equipped model that couples will enjoy.

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