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With the increase in card skimming, an Australian invention has helped to toughen security measures when on the tap and go

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Redarc Electronics

We put REDARC Electronics to the test on our infamous Great Australian Bight trip

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Ampfibian S1000DX Surge Protector

Ampfibian’s Waterproof Caravan Surge Protector can buffer voltage spikes of up to 1000 joules, keeping your caravan’s electronics spick and span

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MAXTRAX recovery test

MAXTRAX recovery devices have been around for a long while but with the addition of replaceable teeth, the XTREME takes this technology to a whole new level

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Rola Titan Tray

Rola’s Titan Tray proves itself to be a sturdy, adjustable option for transporting your gear and extending capacity

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Tow vehicle test

From classic Aussie faves to hefty US pick-ups and family movers, there are myriad tow vehicle options for 'vanners these days. Here, Caravan World Field Editor Malcolm Street compares five very diverse options

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Cruisemaster XT, ATX Airbag and DO35 review

Having the best camper body, the most water capacity or best electronics around means nothing if you do not have reliable, soft-riding suspension and a strong hitch to carry it all

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Zone RV Expedition Series Z-10.0

We dragged two prototype Zone RV Expedition Series Z-10.0 campers 9000km from Brisbane to Innamincka, Adelaide, Esperance and back, all in the name of testing. What came of it was good and bad news

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BOG OUT vehicle recovery kit

Scott Heiman recently field trialled an affordable Aussie-made invention to recover your vehicle and came away pretty impressed

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TJM portable compressor

Simple, light and robust — all the attributes recovery gear should have.

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Gold Coast Caravan Show

OutdoorX Marks The Spot

An experiential event showcasing the latest in outdoor products, including campers, is set to grace the Gold Coast this September.

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2018 BAV: Phoenix Sunland

After missing last year's event, Sunland is back, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, for another shot at the title of the Best Aussie Van 2018

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