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DIY: Leak Prevention and Detection

Water leaks are an expensive problem in a caravan, particularly if its not discovered quickly

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Maintenance Matters

Caravan World is known for its DIY articles. Here, John Hughes takes a higher-level look at caravan maintenance

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Kitchen Sink Refresh

We caught up with Andrew Phillips and the team from The RV Repair Centre to give us the run down on refreshing a kitchen sink

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Scuppered Scuppers

Scupper vents are a popular way to keep dust out of your RV. Here's how to replace them.

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How To: Replacing a 12V Water Pump

Replacing a Shurflow 12V RV water pump may look daunting, but be rest assured with the right tools and an open mindset it's a DIY breeze.

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Review: Bruder EXP-8

Caravan World's first Bruder EXP-8 review - an extreme expedition caravan with a high-end price tag to match.

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Caravan of the Year is back for 2023

Judges, photographers and organisers are all heading to Victoria's Yarra Valley this year to test out the best caravans in Australia at the Caravan of the Year, presented by MSA 4X4

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