Hughenden To Julia Creek, Qld

Tony & Denyse Allsop — 3 April 2014

There’s plenty to do in Hughenden, including a visit to the local museum to see the skeleton of a Muttaburrasaurus land-based dinosaur. You can walk along the banks of the Flinders River, see Mt Walker (12km south) or take a trip to Porcupine Gorge for dramatic landscapes and a beautiful gorge.


We stayed at the Allan Terry Caravan Park in Hughenden. It’s a council-run park with sealed roads; some drive-through sites; power, water and sullage near the sites, and one of the best camps kitchens we’ve ever encountered.


The road from Hughenden to Richmond is undulating and bumpy through the flat countryside. Be aware that large cattle trucks regularly use the road, so pull over if they approach.

A major feature of Richmond is the quarry where you can dig for fossils. Almost every rock we dug up had some sort of fossil in it.

While in Richmond, a visit to the Kronoaurus Korner Information Centre is a must. This is more than just an information centre, it also has a fossil display and exhibition.


The Lakeview Caravan Park in Richmond is right on the banks of Lake Fred Triton which is stocked with barramundi and sooty grunter, so the fishing is said to be quite good.


Julia Creek council has created a camping area right beside a waterhole, which is an idyllic place to stop for the night or a few days. Make sure you stop by the information centre to see a display of local dunnarts.


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Tony & Denyse Allsop