Rob van Driesum — 3 February 2010

Rob van Driesum plays with Hema's new HN5 Navigator with 5in screen on location in Fraser Island for CW’s Touring destination of the Year 2010. Rubber bands secure our deputy ed’s own Fraser guide to a laptop stand in the Hema Map Patrol, to get the most out of the Navigator’s 64-Channel GPS.

“It’s a bit old fashioned to do it this way, but you’ll never get lost,” says Rob.

Rob liked the 4wd Nav OziExplorer and Topo Nav maps, but was less than thrilled with Route 66, which kept pointing to “Sunshine Beach, Australia”, when something like Sunshine Coast or Noosa would have been more appropriate.

The new navigator integrates with a reversing camera, provides improved location accuracy, has 2GB on-board memory, a 4GB microSD slot for extra map and data storage, and a Bluetooth and FM transmitter.

The Hema HN5 Navigator is available at leading GPS retailers for $990.


Hema Fraser Island

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