Kokoda Cadet II XLi Platinum for modern family

Peter Quilty — 13 September 2017

You can experience the essence of Australia and its natural beauty in this Kokoda caravan. The Cadet II XLi Platinum is badged as an on-roader, but it also cuts the mustard in the semi-offroad stakes. That is, it’s more than capable of heading off the bitumen and boasts some serious off-grid credibility..

Safety matters are attended to thanks to AL-KO ESC, a gas detector, and a reversing camera. This van has a generous payload - 680kg in fact - which definitely qualifies it as a home away from home.

I hasten to add that the water tanks are protected by galvanised sheeting and the plumbing pipes have been carefully placed to avoid damage while driving. (Undercarriage checkerplate plumbing protection is an optional extra.)

I’m also impressed with the van’s seemingly endless external storage – toolbox on the A-frame, dual access tunnel boot, and a galvanised generator hatch and a rear hatch which are both on the offside. And it’s matched by abundant internal storage (more on that later).

This ‘smart living’ Kokoda is totally up-to-the-minute in the high tech department. There’s plenty of internal emphasis on family due to its Smart intel system consisting of a RV Wi-Fi setup (your choice of Australian data providers including Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Virgin and others), which provides connectivity with your loved ones. 

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Stuart Grant