Room to move in Wonderland RV Amaroo Hornet

Malcolm Street — 29 August 2017

Wonderland RV is a caravan manufacturer based, like so many others, in the Melbourne regional area. Consequently, its caravans have a similar appearance to others manufactured nearby. However, a look under the skin, so to speak, shows a few differences and in this case, our review van, an Amaroo Hornet 2200 has a family bunk-bed layout.

Electrics are well-catered for with a 240A Lithium battery, 450W of solar power and a 3000W inverter, as is the water supply with three 95L tanks.

Underneath the aluminium cladding, there is a timber frame but one with a difference, being full ply sheeting rather than the individual components, aka “sticks” structure.

Given this is designed as a family van, it’s not really surprising to find a couple of bunk beds in the rear, fitted into the offside corner. Facing them on the opposite is an almost full-size bathroom. Up front is an island bed, leaving the mid-area for a kitchen and nearside L-shaped dinette.

All the standard items are fitted into the Amaroo kitchen. In addition to the internal kitchen, the Hornet has an external slide-out bench, which also comes with a stainless steel sink and a three burner cooker – a nice addition for a family holiday. 

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Wonderland RV Amaroo Hornet caravan review rv australia


Malcolm Street