Modern KEA Nomad 2+1

Peter Quilty — 25 August 2017

Not every retiree wants to go on the road permanently, some just want to hop from one destination to another and back home again. And, in that respect, the aptly-monikered KEA Nomad 2+1 three-berth is ideal for those who like to roam from place to place. It’s also perfect for a couple with one child wanting to hit the road for 2-3 weeks, or even grandparents wanting to take a grandchild away for a short holiday.

The Nomad’s base vehicle, a 2.2L turbodiesel Mercedes 313 LWB Sprinter, proved a super-smooth ride as I roamed the local tourist attractions including the Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk, Seymour Railway Heritage Centre, through the quaint township of Tallarook and also the Seymour Heritage Drive towards the Australian Light Horse Memorial Park and the Great Victorian Rail Trail.

I thought the Nomad was a pleasure to drive with its ergonomic swivel seating, which is also afforded to the passenger. And the driver’s cabin has generous storage capacity with heaps of nooks and crannies for all your roadtrip gear.

The Nomad's dining area quickly converts into separate sleeping quarters to make up the extra berths. First, the rear lounge, with minimal rearranging of the seat cushions, becomes a cosy double bed (2000x1780mm).

The Nomad has a smart and spacious interior, with a bathroom with shower-toilet combo, washbasin and a 12V hatch.

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Modern KEA Nomad 2+1 caravan review rv australia


Stuart Grant