Legend Trackline Off-Road is a rough diamond

Peter Quilty — 14 August 2017

The new-release Legend Trackline Off-Road gives me a distinct impression it could sustain some real punishment and turn the other cheek. That is, it wouldn’t bat an eyelid going tete-a-tete with our iconic outback trails. This tough-as-teak 5.98m (19ft 7in) offroad brute simply gives off a warhorse feel with its battle-hard, albeit ruggedly handsome, exterior. However, its sparkling interior really shows it’s a rough diamond.

Wrapped in sleek alicomp cladding (walls and roof), the Trackline also sports an offroad aluminium frame (walls and roof) which, on a pound-for-pound basis, offers greater strength than a timber frame and is also rot-resistant. I reckon it’s a more durable configuration for the purposes of hauling a heavy-duty offroad caravan to the other side of the 'Black Stump’!

The Trackline’s rear is aesthetically accentuated by striking decals and round LED taillights, along with the practicality of high checkerplate, a worklight and reversing camera, exterior shower, twin 20L jerry can holders, and an easily accessible spare wheel mounted on the three-arm bumper bar.

The Trackline has a tough outer layer, but it’s ‘butter-soft’ inside. And in true signature Legend Caravans style, all acrylic cupboard doors are rubber-lined and have exclusive chrome, button-less, user-friendly Italian square handles.

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Stuart Grant