The crossbreed Windsor Hybrid 390

Malcolm Street — 10 July 2017

The 390 Tourer has an interesting design mostly because it’s neither caravan nor a hybrid camper trailer, but something in between. From the front it looks like a conventional pop-top van with a rear wall door entry. However, there are a few things that set it apart. For a start, the roof does lift up but it is hinged at the front, and secondly it does have a rear wall door but it’s the entire rear wall that lifts up!

Fibreglass composite panels are used for the bodywork, including the roof. The windows are an interesting departure from the normal. Instead of using the current industry standard of the double glazed acrylic awning style, Windsor has opted for two sliding windows on either side, all made from toughened automotive glass.

Raising the roof of the 390 is simply a matter of undoing the external rear clip and lifting. Opening the rear door is similarly quite simple and the final major item is the external slide-out kitchen up front. It’s in this respect that much of the emphasis with the 390 is on external living. Inside is a front double bed and two sideways facing lounges in the rear. So it’s possible to sleep and relax inside.

Up front, the stainless steel kitchen comes with a sink, cooker/barbecue, three drawers and a storage compartment under the sink, also a bench top extension that is easily attached. I think I would have preferred a conventional cooker, given the limited facilities otherwise available. 

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Malcolm Street