Police act on Queensland caravan rebirthing scam

David Cook — 10 May 2017

It is understood that the caravans have allegedly been illegally registered and owners have been advised to take them off the road.

Other caravans and their purchasers are still being sought. As the vans are confirmed to be statutory write-offs, their registrations are being cancelled.

The caravans were all purchased through online sales site Gumtree and were allegedly sold as home-built when it is believed they had been written off as unrepairable by insurers or had suffered serious flood damage.

Most states in Australia will not permit caravans or motor vehicles which have been written off to be re-registered.

For many years, the compliance plates and identifying numbers from such vehicles were removed and affixed to stolen undamaged vehicles to permit them to be returned to the road and sold as repaired. 

Written-off vans may be purchased to permit them to be used as sources for spare parts or for on-site purposes but not returned to on-road use using the original VIN and other numbers.

Readers are warned to take great care with a purchase involving any caravan being sold as home-made.


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