Option RV Tornado Equippe Family has electrics sorted!

Malcolm Street — 18 April 2017

"The clever folk at Option RV have figured out that younger members of the family, not to mention ‘the oldies’, often travel with at least one electronic device each”

It’s designed, in my opinion, for rough road, rather than full offroad, use. It has a common layout, but has everything you need for comfortable family touring.

With an external body length of 6.45m (21ft 2in), the bunk bed Tornado has an island bed up front for mum and dad, an L-shaped nearside dinette, offside kitchen, rear bathroom and triple bunks off to one side of the rear. The forward entry door means this can all be fitted in without compromising too much on space in the general layout.

The van’s ATM of 2720kg and Tare weight of 2220kg gives a healthy payload of 500kg but it creates an interesting problem in the towing department. A ute like a Ford Ranger or Holden Colorado could handle it okay, but I’d make the argument for using something like a Toyota LandCruiser, as I did for this test.

The electrics are pretty well sorted, with a 100Ah battery, 150W solar panel and most light switches and power points in the right places. Anyone considering going off the grid for more than a couple of days at a time might like to consider a second battery, though.

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Option RV Tornado Equippe Family Gadgets Preview exclusive feature


Malcolm Street