The new family off-road Spinifex EpiX is an all-terrain beast

David Gilchrist — 22 February 2017

Caravan World team have had a chance to test out the Spinifex EpiX Offroad RV on the roads of the Sunshine Coast and Glass House Mountains, which was a great opportunity to discover if the caravan can withstand off-road country terrains.

At more than 7m long and with a whopping ATM of 4.4 tons, this is not a van for the faint-hearted. Given its weight, you’re going to need something like a Chevrolet Silverado or GMC-Sierra Denali to keep this rig rolling.

The EpiX’s aluminium frame sits on a 75mm dual beam Australian Bluescope steel hot-dipped galvanised chassis. A single-piece resin floor adds even more strength to an already tough rig. At the drawbar, a popular DO 45 hitch keeps this large van hooked on while you’re rambling along the twists and turns of an outback track. This combo of a sturdy chassis frame, great suspension and a good hitch meant the EpiX travelled easily and confidently along the forestry trails.

Through the inclusion of bunks for junior explorers and plenty of other facilities that easily accommodate kids, the Spinifex EpiX presents as a family van that will comfortably travel far from the asphalt. With this thoughtful layout, your family can now enjoy spectacular adventures around the Australian countryside.

Aimed at the family market, the EpiX has twin bunk beds for the kids in a rear bedroom. A privacy screen provides parents with a little space to themselves when the kids are asleep. 

The Spinifex EpiX Offroad RV is available for $168,230.

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Nathan Duff