Respect roadside rest areas: CMCA

Caravan World — 21 February 2017

As we are spending more time on the road, it is important to understand that RV travellers have certain responsibilities. With a huge growth in RV tourism, travellers have been provided with fantastic facilities and services Australia wide, to make travels easier. The Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) provides the following advice:
When driving long distances, rest areas make for an excellent place to stop and break up your journey. It is important to recognise that each state and territory have their own policies in regard to these rest areas and whether overnight stays are permitted.
Those areas allowing RVs to park overnight will often display signage. It is important to adhere to the guidelines during overnight stays, such as time limits. Some areas may require obtaining permission from a controlling authority and/or payment of fees. Please be mindful that not all rest areas permit overnight parking.

These sites usually accommodate visitors by providing toilets, rubbish bins and picnic tables. When using these facilities, please remember to leave no trace and clean up after yourself. It is our responsibility to be respectful of these community facilities and look after them.
More than likely you will not be the only traveller visiting a rest area. It is important to be considerate of other people at all times. When parking your vehicle, do not obstruct reasonable passage or access to other vehicles or property. We must be courteous at all times of those people around us.
If we all contribute to looking after these facilities and use them in a mindful manner, future generations of RV travellers will be able to enjoy these facilities that local authorities have provided.


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