Choose From 80 Low-Cost Camps With CMCA Member Stop Over Scheme

Caravan World — 7 November 2016

The Member Stop Over (MSO) facility, which is an exclusive program providing alternate accommodation options for members out on the road, now has more than 80 participating properties.

These MSO properties reside all over Australia and can be found everywhere from Armidale to Humpty Doo.

This initiative gives CMCA members the ability to stay overnight on member’s properties at no cost. By using this program, both property owners and members have the opportunity to meet new people and share some of the camaraderie associated with the RV lifestyle.  

The little to no-cost, home-stay environment is ideal for the motorhome traveller while the land owner is protected through the Club’s Leave No Trace program. Leave No Trace is dedicated to promoting and building awareness, appreciation and respect for our cultural heritage and natural environment. It is expected that members are to treat MSO properties with care and to leave the site in the same condition as it was found.

Each site needs to meet certain criteria before they can register to become an MSO. For example, they need to be able to provide overnight parking for CMCA members at no cost, have a minimum of 3m wide entrance, level ground for parking, access to drinking water and enough room for members to be able to leave the property without reversing.

The MSO Facility was created to bring members together and to create safe, secure, freedom-of-choice camping opportunities throughout Australia.


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