Australian Caravan Club Has New Chairman

Caravan World — 19 October 2016

The long term chairman of the Australian Caravan Club, Tom Smith (pictured), has announced that he will step down from the role.

Mr Smith told club members about his plans during an address at the opening ceremony of the club’s 10th anniversary annual muster, which is being held at the Shepparton Showgrounds, Vic, this week (October 17 to23).

“I have been Chair now for five years”, Mr Smith said.  “A year ago I raised with the board the option of relinquishing the chairman’s role.  At the time I was encouraged to stay on for another year.

“Following this, my main concern has been for an orderly and seamless transfer over the year.  The board indicated to members that succession was in the wind by naming then-secretary Craig Humphrey as deputy chairman.

“Over the past year, Craig and I have worked incredibly closely on all issues to ensure that there was an understanding between us on the direction of the club. I am very glad to say that this has worked very well and the workings of the club will be well championed.”

Mr Humphrey has been on the board for seven years and club secretary for the past five years. The board has also undergone change, with two new directors, Graham Christie and Lynne Friis, joining during the year.

“I wanted to ensure that the board was stable and, with the appointment of two new directors, I have spent the year working with all to ensure smooth and active pursuit of the club’s activities. I am very pleased with the workings of the board and it is timely for the change in the chair,” Mr Smith said.

Mr Humphry said he was honoured to become chairman of the Australian Caravan Club. “I am also grateful that (Mr Smith) has agreed to remain with us as deputy chair.”


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