Jurgens Launches New Lunagazer J2403

Peter Quilty — 23 September 2016

Jurgens Australia has launched its Lunagazer J2403 into the caravanning stratosphere!

The lightweight 6.33m (20ft 9in) dirt road capable caravan was recently tested by CW and eclipsed all expectations.

Engineered for maximum strength and minimum weight, the tandem-axle J2403 has a low Tare weight of 1760kg which allows it to be towed by family sedans and mid-sized 4WDs. And its aerodynamic design also helps deliver major fuel efficiency savings.

The J2403’s South African ancestry is evidenced by an ‘everything bolted together’ philosophy but, like its siblings, is proven in Australian conditions. (Jurgens Australia HQ is in Pakenham, Vic.)

Meanwhile, its CNC fabricated Optima chassis boasts the capability to withstand forces well beyond normal operating conditions, and the composite Duratherm cladding is impervious to impact and hail resistant. The front and rear panels are a sturdy moulded fibreglass construction.

The Lunagazer also has a one-piece aluminium Uniskin roof with a special profile design for greater strength and water drainage. It has no joints to leak and is considered tough enough to walk on!

And the one-piece 52mm composite Integra floor affords maximum strength and minimum weight, and is bolted and bonded to the chassis to add structural integrity.

The Lunagazer also exhibits an ingenious interior. And for those who love their creature comforts, this rear ensuite model features a full bathroom including toilet, shower and hot running water.

Additionally, the dining room is fit for a banquet and the kitchen facilities are not only practical but ideal for food preparation.

And located opposite the entry door is a dinette that would easily seat three people and which converts into a bed (2010x1110mm) for two. The precision CNC router construction Polar ply furniture, hard-wearing vinyl floor, washable wall covering and colour-coordinated upholstery are also impressive.

Engineered for adventure, you’ll be on the bright side of the moon with the Lunagazer J2403.


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Stuart Grant