CCIA outstrips caravan audit goal

Camper Trailer Australia — 8 September 2016

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia has already beaten its target of audits planned for 2016.

Earlier this year, the association announced that it planned to conduct 365 so-called ‘Blitz Audits’ of manufacturers accredited under its RVMap program, which aims to ensure RV manufactures comply with the relevant Australian Standards and Design Rules.

By late August, the CIAA’s audit team had completed more than 410 compliance audits, and planned to conduct a number of additional audits on common compliance issues in the coming months.

According to the CIAA, the organisation is on track to complete 750 audits this year alone, which “evidences a level of audit resources in support of RVMAP accreditation not seen previously and also highlights the organisation’s commitment to improving compliance within the industry”.

There are 64 Australian RV manufacturers accredited with RVMAP, with more to come.

As part of the RV audit process, finished vans and motorhomes are inspected and the manufacturer is continually educated about compliance requirements.  The CCIA says that while the RVMap program has brought about significant improvements in compliance, issues concerning VIN plates and reflectors continue to dominate compliance breaches.


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Camper Staff