New female CEO for RV electronics manufacturer Setec

Caravan World — 3 August 2016

Setec has been in the Australian design and manufacturing business for 48 years, servicing the caravan, auto, medical, defense and gaming industries in the development of custom-made power management solutions.

The company is known in the RV industry for its BMPRO consumer range of battery management and charging systems, including its innovative app-driven BatteryCheck.

Mrs Bayliss is the daughter of company founders Peter and Jill Lloyd and is re-joining the company where she held the role of managing director until 2009, before taking time out to raise her young family.

Setec has a strong, family-owned tradition and Mrs Bayliss steps in to replace her husband, David Bayliss, who has held the CEO position since 2009.

In addition to her previous role as Setec’s managing director, Mrs Bayliss also acted as company business development manager and is credited with bringing in key customers across a range of industries as well as bolstering relationships with Setec’s offshore manufacturing partners.

Setec designs and builds both for OEM customers as well as its growing retail brand ‘BMPRO’ on premises, employing more than 80 staff at its Knoxfield facilities.

“We have a number of core goals that will be achieved in the short to medium terms, foremost will be to strengthen our OEM relationships, and second will be to grow the BMPRO range, catering to consumer wants in the RV, marine, automotive and caravan industries,” Mrs Bayliss said.

“Our diversification into retail is instrumental in Setec maintaining its leading edge capabilities and inventive solution offerings for the industries we serve.

“It’s an exciting time for both Setec and BMPRO as we continue to invest in our local manufacturing facilities, producing great products for both our new and long-term customers."


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