Evernew builds first smooth-sided offroader in 53 years

Michael Browning — 26 August 2016

When Melbourne manufacturer Evernew Caravans launched a new offroad model - the first smooth-sided, composite-clad offroader in the company's history - CW couldn't wait to take a look!

Evernew caravans have always been known for their strong, solid build but have always tended more towards traditional construction methods including ribbed aluminium cladding and solid timber cabinetry.

But the new Evernew E900i Series is a huge departure from that, with its white composite-clad walls and modern, high-gloss, flat-look furniture.

But don’t expect to see bright yellow, red or blue Evernews any day soon! Satin silver and white are the only two composite colours currently on offer.

To meet Evernew’s demanding 30-year standard, the aluminium outer skin of the composite that Evernew uses is 4mm thick, making it an important strengthening feature of this offroader, compared with the industry’s usual 3mm aluminium.

The composite sheets are also joined no more than 3m apart to allow for expansion. The result is a weight penalty of around 30kg on the review van over ribbed aluminium, but that is arguably inconsequential in a caravan weighing 2t.

And Evernew does more than pay lip service to the term 'offroad', This is a true offroader, with a strong 150x50mm A-frame and chassis, larg 265/7516 General Grabber light truck tyres on alloy rims, 12in electric drum brakes on single-axle models and Cruisemaster XT suspension. 

This E900i Series also came with a new Australian-deigned and manufactured 360-degree, 5t-rated offroad hitch by Hitch-Ezy.

Claimed to be the most durable offroad hitch on the market and able to be released regardless of load or trailer angle, the Hitch-Ezy uses a spring-loaded rotating cap and a patented three-ball locking system to secure the hitch into a groove on its dedicated pillar, which replaces the 50mm ball on a standard tongue.

As tested, this Evernew E900i Series comes in at $65,250. You can check out the full review in an upcoming issue of Caravan World.


Evernew Cruisemaster Equipment Vehicle Offroad


Stuart Grant