Campers evacuated as New Norfolk Caravan Park floods

Caravan World — 18 July 2016

According to reports from last Friday, 20 people were moved to higher ground at Kensington Park.

General manager of the Derwent Valley Council, Greg Winton said the popular New Norfolk Caravan Park is on low-lying ground, making it susceptible to rising waters in unfavourable conditions.

“When we have a king tide and there’s a lot of water in the catchment, flooding can occur which is just what we have recently experienced,” Mr Winton explained.

Mr Winton described the events as infrequent, adding that the Bureau of Meteorology will notify the SES to provide patrons adequate timing to relocate in an “orderly manner”.

“There is usually enough advance notice for us to contact the operators and they advise the residents on the appropriate course of action until the water recedes,” Mr Winton explained.

Mr Winton said that although it was unlikely the caravan park would have been approved if current planning processes were applied, the council had no plans to close it.



In a boost for self-contained camping, council general manager Greg Winton has also revealed that the Derwent Valley Council is working with a peak motorhoming body on a new low-cost campground for its members.

The proposed no-frills site will enable those in good standing whose rigs meet the CMCA Self Contained Vehicles policy a secure place to camp, with amenities limited to a dump point and access to potable water.

Core adherence to the self-contained vehicles policy includes on-board water tanks and the ability to safely store grey and black water.

The site will be managed by volunteer custodians who live on-site to oversee the day-to-day activities and to implement park rules.

Council hopes that the exclusive campground to be up and running within 12 months.


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