David Gilchrist — 14 June 2016

Two lucky families will each receive a $25,000 caravan makeover plus $10,000 in travel expenses for a 13-week trip around Australia.

The third lucky family will be given a pink National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) Winnebago Minnie caravan and Ford Everest to take on their 13-week trip, plus $5000 of Dometic products and $10,000 for travel.

This is the first year Follow The Sun has catered for people without their own van, with the NBCF Minnie enabling people without vans to get involved.

Kate Richards, from Cairns, Qld, a travel blogger who goes by 'Adventure Mumma', will travel in the pink Minnie with her family of four on a trip along the east coast from Cairns to Melbourne.

Travel writer Linda Bloffwitch and her husband Grant will travel in their 2009 Traveller Sensation van, and the Cameron and Julie McKay and their family from Innisfail, Qld, will hit the road in their 2008 Jayco Sterling on the east coast odyssey.

The vanners will visit some of Australia's most iconic locations on their trips, which kick off in August, and will become ambassadors for Dometic while raising awareness and money for breast cancer research during 'happy hours' at local caravan parks.

In another first for Follow The Sun, Dometic also extended the prize-giving to several 'runners-up' who each won a month's travel in the Dometic Follow the Sun motorhome, joining the winners for parts of their trips. The runners-up were Heather and Denis Bell; the Wilbury family of Leah, Michael, Noah, Lucy, Tom and Charley; and Peta Newcombe and husband Kirk.


Dometic Follow the Sun Winnebago


David Gilchrist