Caraboat hits the road

Laura Keys — 21 September 2015

Part-caravan, part-boat, the ingenious Caraboat does just what its name suggests.

On the road, it's an easily towable caravan, no higher or bigger than a regular offroad van and, on the water, it becomes a safe, liveable boat with twin engines.

The Caraboat was one of the more unusual boats tested recently by CW's sister magazine, Trade-A-Boat.

You'd be forgiven for thinking a hybrid like this might do each job poorly but, by all accounts, the Caraboat is a capable vessel which provides comfortable accommodation on and off the water.

Trade-A-Boat says: "The CaraBoat is a trailerable house boat with lively performance and combines the caravan lifestyle with a water view."

Stay tuned for more on the Caraboat in an upcoming issue of Caravan World.


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