Turu Helps Boost Caravanning And Camping

Caravan World Staff — 21 February 2014

Turu.com.au, Australia’s premier search engine for caravan and camping holidays, has welcomed a resurgence in caravanning and camping tourism coinciding with its launch last year.

The latest National Visitor Survey by Tourism Research Australia shows a growing preference for holidays parks in 2012, with 10 per cent growth in visitor nights over the previous year.

Holiday parks were a clear leader in a generally growing market, with the number of nights spent in a friend’s or relative’s property up 8 per cent and rented accommodation up 6 per cent.

Turu.com.au general manager, Robert Gallagher, said that in part this growth was due to Turu’s extensive promotion of holiday parks since its launch in July 2012.

“In the six months to December 2012, we booked over $3 million worth of TV, print and digital advertising, and I am confident from our numbers that this has helped drive the overall segment growth,” he said.

“Certainly, our own figures show that we have had a major impact, with more than 50,000 booking inquiries equating to around 200,000 visitor nights booked in our first six months.

“That represents 18 per cent of the full-year growth in the holiday park sector, all from just six months.

“Our marketing campaign has focused very much on growing the domestic consumer interest in holiday parks, and attracting people who might not previously have considered this option.

“With domestic visitors to commercial holiday parks totalling 5.8 million people spending a total of 30.3 million visitor nights for the year, this sector is continuing to show terrific appeal to Australian and international travellers.

“To get a sense of the competition, Australians spent 27 million visitor nights in Indonesia and Thailand last year, reflecting the influence of a high dollar and cheap air travel.

“Domestic tourism operators such as holiday parks need strong support and promotion to compete effectively against such competition, and Turu is helping them to increase their visibility in this competitive market place.”

Turu.com.au lists almost 1,800 holiday parks around Australia and has hosted more than 650,000 visitors and generated more than 75,000 booking enquiries in its first six months.

Turu is owned by Bauer Media Group, the world’s largest magazine publisher, with over 500 magazine titles around the world.


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