Stolen van recovered from thief's house

Amy Middleton — 24 September 2011

AFTER APPEALING TO the public with an offer of $10,000 for information leading to the recovery of a stolen caravan, Terry Ryan had the surprise of his career.

On this blog less than one month ago, the Country Life Caravans owner reported a brand new, $40,000 Bushmaster had been stolen from his lot in a northern suburb of Melbourne, Vic.

Earlier this week, he got a call from Broadmeadows police. "The police went to visit a person who was a bit of a character," Terry says diplomatically. "They spotted the caravan there and although they didn't have it on their list, they thought it was suspicious.

"The police then rang me up and asked what I knew about it. I said: well, I know I lost it!"

The police seized the van and relocated it to the station, where Terry was able to reclaim his stolen possession. The TV and stereo had been extracted, but other than that, Terry says the van was in fine condition.

Surprisingly, it's the second instance in which Terry has recovered a van after it was stolen from his yard. The bonus this time round is that Terry didn't even have to shell out the $10,000 he had promised to a potential informant. "It's a good news week for us," Terry says. "We've already named this van Lucky."

Caravan theft, and theft of possessions within RVs, is by no means uncommon. For a few pointers on van security, see this feature, and feel free to leave your own tips below.


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