Caravan World on Twitter Giveaway

Amy Middleton — 26 October 2010

LAST WEEK, we ran a competition on our Twitter page to find out who follows us, and why.

We asked readers to finish the sentence "I follow @caravanworld because..." and tweet it to their followers.

Congratulations to Melanie (@hootylishous on Twitter) for her winning tweet:

I follow @caravan world because my caravan told me it wouldn't follow me anymore if I didn't, and we can't have that.

We're sending Melanie an RV mag prizepack, which includes the latest issues of 
Caravan WorldCamper Trailer Australia and Motorhome & Caravan Trader.

Here are a few more tweets we liked:

I follow @caravanworld because I love to dream about being a Grey Nomad even though I'm 23.

I follow @caravanworld cause walking around Aus would be nowhere near as fun
from @MsMyst

I follow @caravanworld because I'd love to be travelling & on holidays EVERYDAY & @caravanworld make a little part of that dream come true!!
from @joey2608

I follow @caravanworld because we're dreaming of updating the '85 Millard, and we can trust the reviews, guidance and destination advice!
from @boxsey

I follow @caravanworld because I'd be lost without it. Me? Navigation? I don't think so.
from @cutecolourpups

I follow @caravanworld because... our kids love our trips in the caravan. It helps us make holidays fun and safe with Caravanworld's help!
from @jasmel05

I follow @caravanworld because I put my 100% trust in it for an amazing Aussie adventure and receive 200% back!
from @mycakeface

"I follow @caravanworld because they have so much good info and run amazing comps ... " I am a huge fan!
from @MandyRaeGraham

Thanks to everyone who entered.


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