Caravan World — 11 July 2009

Adequate storage is a major concern of RVers. Hands up who has bought a new caravan or motorhome with loads of storage space, only to find nowhere to store all the gear accrued over the ensuing month and years.

Never fear: the August issue of Caravan World with Motorhome World magazine features 12 ideas to get the most out of your RV’s storage space.

Here’s a taste, but for the full story, just pick up your copy of the August issue of CW, on sale now.

  1. DVDs and videos are hard to store and they need to be close at hand. The aluminium bar across the front of the cabinet in this image effectively solves the problem. You can pick these up from glazier outlets.

  1. Putting a bar across the front, as in this image,
    allows for deep cupboards without a restricting shelf. The cupboard doors are translucent plastic set into a 1in square aluminium frame. If you don’t weld, then look at the tap-in corner connectors readily available from aluminium suppliers and of course Bunnings. The door stays are super strong.

  1. Think outside the box – this slide-out battery box with wet cell Trojans has a box at the front containing terminal cleaners, test gear and a small amount of distilled water. The black box in front of the Lemair washing machine on the right houses the dirty washing plus all the bits and bobs.


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