Caravan World — 3 July 2009

NSW's move to scrap trailer stamp duty, announced in the latest NSW state budget, should make the average caravan and camper trailer around $1000 cheaper.

The Caravan and Camping Industry Association of NSW (CCIA NSW) welcomed the announcement and thanked the NSW state treasurer, Eric Roozendaal, for the decision that levels the playing field between the states.

“Consumers of caravan and camper trailer products have been severely disadvantaged over the years by having to pay excessive taxes in NSW when they could purchase the same vehicle interstate for substantially less,” said Barry Baillie, CEO of the CCIA NSW.

The industry predicts that over 130 NSW-based caravan and camper trailer manufacturers and dealers will directly benefit from the abolition of the stamp duty. “This latest announcement could see a return of some 400 jobs to the industry that had previously been hit by the effects of the economic downturn,” Mr Baillie said.

There are around 100,000 caravans registered in NSW and 2600 are sold every year by NSW businesses, which is worth an estimated $83 million annually to the NSW economy.

The CCIA NSW has lobbied the state government since the beginning of 2008 to abolish the stamp duty.


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