Events: Observing the Constellations

Caravan World — 25 March 2009

Would-be stargazers can “dip their toes in the celestial river”, at a free night sky tour hosted at Wattle Park, Burwood, Vic, Friday April 3.

Observing the Constellations, which forms part of the Astronomical Society of Victoria's (ASV) annual program of events, will provide novices with the know-how to locate the brightest stars and constellations in the night sky.

Weather pending, host Perry Vlahos said that attendees can expect to see Sirius, Canopus and CENtaur – the closest star to Earth after the sun.

“Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo will be out, and possibly Scorpios," Perry said. According to Perry, the position of the moon is one factor the association takes into account when choosing dates for its events. “We want the moon out of the sky so we can see the fainter objects, having the moon in the sky is like having a low level sun in the sky,” Perry said.

The society also hosts many campout events in remote locations like Heathcote (outside of Bendigo) and Little Desert, which are idealling suite to those travelling with a caravan. To learn more about this and other stargazing tours and campout events, visit the Astronomical Society of Victoria.

For more information on stargazing, read Andrew Harris' feature Look to the Skies, in the May edition of Caravan World, out April 14.

Photo credit:
Orion Nebula imaged by ASV member Arthur Coombs.


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ASV member Arthur Coombs

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