Radar for the Kimberley

Caravan World — 26 February 2009

Travellers visiting the Kimberley region will receive earlier warnings against tropical cyclones and storms, thanks to a new Bureau of Meteorology office and radar in Broome.

The new radar replaces one that had been operating at the site since 1975, to provide clearer radar images at a higher resolution. Four observation staff members and three technicians comprise the new office, which distils and publishes data, such as rainfall collated from the radar, on the Bureau’s radar website.

According to the Bureau’s Regional Director for WA, Mike Bergin, "the Kimberley region is one of the most cyclone-prone areas of Australia.”

The new device is one of 15 weather watch radars funded by the Australian government under a five-year, $62 million dollar radar upgrade project.


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