RVMAA gets tough

Caravan World — 15 January 2009

The Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers Association of Australia (RVMAA) has launched a Code of Practice to protect the image of Australian-built RVs as being among the best in the world, and specifically the best for Australian conditions.

In order to ensure that the code works, the RVMAA has decided that if a manufacturer member fails to comply with regulatory ADR (Australian Design Rules) and the AS (Australian Standards) requirements, they will face expulsion.

“It’s taken years to build the reputation of the Australian RV as comfortable, highly functional, user-friendly and above all reliable in virtually all sorts of conditions. We have to protect that,” said RVMAA president Tony Bellamy.

“Manufacturers need to have in place resolution systems to resolve any issues, whether the problem has been brought to their attention by a dealer or new owner,” he added.

The code came about after extensive consultations with all RVMAA members.

An imperative RVMAA requirement is to ensure that every RV produced by members is safe and 100 per cent compliant with all ADR and AS requirements.

“We’re taking a very firm stand to protect the reputation of the association and the local RV-manufacturing industry,” Mr Bellamy said. “Members simply have to consistently comply with all safety requirements, or their membership will be suspended until they prove they have improved their procedures for quality assurance. Failure to do so will result in permanent expulsion from the RVMAA.”

When 4WDs emerged as a popular family vehicle they also had the capability to travel into remote parts of the country. That led to many RV manufacturers building models with the capacity to go to many of the places a 4WD can go.

Mr Bellamy explained that the large numbers of 10 and 20-year-old caravans in remarkably good condition are testimony to a tradition of building long-lasting, quality RVs that have stood the test of time. He said the RVMAA was rightly proud of the construction integrity behind so many old timers and was “hell bent” on ensuring that the tradition was not tarnished.

For further information, download the RVMAA annual newsletter at www.rvmaa.com.au.


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