Every Bucket Counts

Caravan World — 18 December 2008

Car owners across Australia are being challenged to help save at least one million buckets of water through an Every Bucket Counts campaign launched by Smart Approved WaterMark, Australia’s water conservation labelling scheme.

The campaign features three online calculators at www.smartwatermark.org that show how much water each of us can save with some simple measures.

“We are calling on people to make a pledge online to save the amount of water the Every Bucket Counts calculators show is easily achievable,” says Julian Gray, CEO of Smart WaterMark. “If people make the commitment, then Smart WaterMark will donate $2 for every pledge to WaterAid Australia to help programs in countries where every bucket of drinking water is precious.”

Each Australian uses no less than 23 buckets of drinking-quality water per day on average.


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