Tiffin Allegro Breeze: Review

Malcolm Street — 20 April 2015

On first glance, the 10.1m (33ft 1in) Allegro Breeze is an impressive looking motorhome. Yes, it has the boxy look of a typical A-class motorhome but there are just enough curves to soften that and the jazzy colour scheme, called ‘Sunlit Sand’ in Tiffin speak, certainly catches the eye.


In many ways, the internal layout is fairly conventional. Right at the front are the driver and passenger seats, with the latter set back slightly to accommodate the entry door. Behind the cab, the slide-outs open on both sides and are almost matching with a lounge in the forward half and kitchen items towards the rear. Right in the rear is the bedroom with an island bed, and between that and the front is a split bathroom, with shower cubicle on the offside and a toilet cubicle opposite.

Although this is a fairly large motorhome to start with, it comes with a slide-out on either side. And just in case you are planning on living away from home for an extended period, the Breeze is fitted with six storage bins. Just as well it comes with a load capacity of 2000kg. In some cases, the bins are dedicated to items such as gas cylinders and plumbing connections but there are also some with storage space that goes right through. It’s always nice to have bins with built-in lights and I particularly liked the slightly unusual but stylish fitting on the plumbing panel.


In the rear, the island bed has windows on both sides and a familiar looking bed head setup with side wardrobes, bedside cabinets and overhead lockers. Not quite so familiar is the large metal box mounted on the ceiling that holds a fold-down flatscreen TV. Lifting the bed base reveals a generous storage area underneath, which is partly fitted with drawers! Supplementing that is a mirrored wardrobe with drawers below on the toilet cubicle wall and neatly fitted in behind the sliding door is a sideways facing cupboard also with drawers below. There’s no shortage of cupboard space here, that’s for sure.

General storage in the lounge/dining/cab area is no problem – there are overhead lockers all-round, including in the slide-outs. Fitted above the driver’s cab area is a large flatscreen TV, which can be seen easily from the sideways lounges but not so much from the cab seats.

Being the sophisticated motorhome that it is, the Allegro Breeze comes with all the goodies – ducted heating and cooling, 600W of solar panels, a 3500W inverter/charger, satellite dish and a 5kVA generator. So it can be used for remote, self-contained living without too much trouble at all.


Following the general trend of many RV designs, is the kitchen area, which is relatively small for the size of the motorhome. On the nearside, the kitchen bench, which fits into the slide-out, has an angled design that allows for a three-burner cooktop and, set at an angle, a twin tub stainless steel sink sans drainer. The bench angle does allow for a nominal amount of bench working space but does add considerable flexibility to the under-bench storage, which comes in the form of six drawers and three cupboards. If you wanted a grill and/or oven, though, some drawers would need to be sacrificed. But for those that can do without, a microwave oven is fitted in the space above the cooktop. Facing the kitchen bench and all fitted neatly into the slide-out on the opposite side is a two-door Waeco 215L fridge, along with two cupboards, one of which is a slide-out pantry.


The bathroom cubicles on either side of the Breeze are quite spacious. The shower stall has a flexible hose shower and in the cubicle on the opposite side are both a toilet and a small vanity cabinet with a wash basin and upper and lower cupboards. Set on its own little pedestal, the toilet is a black tank variety, not a cassette, so has much greater capacity but is a little harder to empty (ie, you can’t just wheel the cassette to the dump point). Sliding doors are fitted to either side of the bathroom area, so it can be closed off completely if needed.


A-class fans aren’t going to be disappointed with the Tiffin Allegro Breeze. Built on a purpose-designed motorhome chassis with rear pusher 6.4L turbodiesel engine, air suspension and twin slide-outs, it certainly ticks all the boxes.

Sure, the motorhome is quite an expensive purchase but that’s the price of getting all the compliance and left-hand/right-hand drive matters sorted, along with an A-class motorhome that has plenty of style and lifestyle comfort about it.


I liked...

  • Front lounge/dining setup
  • Multiple light fittings
  • Stacks of internal/external storage
  • Rear-engine motorhome
  • Extra beds for guests
  • Club lounge layout

I would have liked...

  • A larger kitchen bench, given the generally spacious layout
  • Lighter interior colours

The full test appears in Caravan World #537 May 2015. 


Tiffin Allegro Breeze review motorhome A-class


Malcolm Street