Bag limits

Caravan World — 9 April 2009

In his Fish ’n’ Tips column in the May issue of Caravan World, Steve Farmer discusses changes to fishing bag limits in Qld.

“The Qld Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries made a few changes to the state’s recreational fishing regulations early this year, and quite a few Qld species, both tidal and coral reef fin fish, are now protected by bag limits as well as revised legal sizes,” he wrote.

“Personally, I think bag limits, provided they are reasonable, are a positive step towards at least slowing the decline of our fisheries and sharing the resource. However, I know these new bag limits won’t be popular with a small percentage of travelling fishos. These are the freezer and air-freight brigade – travellers who gauge the success of their winter escape by the amount of fish fillet they can air-freight or cart home in their portable freezers. The problem for these folk is that the bag limits are ‘in possession’ limits, which means that you are only allowed 30 whiting in your possession (including those in the caravan or home freezer) at any time. You cannot catch 30 today, 30 tomorrow and 30 the day after, unless you eat 30 whiting for dinner every night.

“Bag limits on some (but not all) other species include 30 for bream, five for dusky flathead and five for other flathead species combined, five for mangrove Jack, five each for grey and spotted mackerel, 10 each for school and shark mackerel, three for Spanish mackerel and 20 for tailor.”

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