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Peter Quilty — 12 September 2018
Giving credit where credit is due

Smarter Finance

Caravan World continues its feature series titled ‘From the Factory Floor’ which involves key RV industry heavyweights and focuses on innovations, issues and trends.
In this instalment, we thought we would do a Q&A session with Credit One managing director and founder Michael Rojek.
But first, here’s a brief bio on the genesis and status quo of Credit One.
The Credit One team is a group of experienced professionals who are passionate about providing outstanding service and the best financial solutions to meet its clients' needs.
Led by managing director and founder Michael Rojek, the company has more than 80 experienced finance consultants based in 12 offices around the country.
Credit One began in Brisbane in 1999 and has helped more than 60,000 individuals and businesses achieve their goals with smarter finance and insurance solutions.

Rojek is the founder of the Credit One Group of Companies and has nearly 20 years’ experience in the finance industry. He is committed to providing Credit One’s customers and referral partners unparalleled service and results.
Rojek's involvement in operating and managing a successful business began at an early age, working in his family’s business.
He was then introduced to the banking and finance industry while working for one of Australia’s ‘big four’ banks.
It wasn’t long before Rojek left the comfort and security of the corporate world to begin his career as a finance broker.
Starting as a self-employed sole operator finance broker in the late ’90s, Rojek has grown his operation to become the Credit One Group, a business that employs 80 staff, and has branches across Australia (except Tasmania) and New Zealand.

CW: From the eyes of a financier, what’s your take on the current state of play in the RV industry (ie caravan, camper trailer and motorhome)?

MR: The ‘leisure’ market is extremely buoyant and strong, albeit it’s currently going through some regulatory changes. But there’s a transparency about the process and we view this as a good thing. It shifts the focus back to the customer, who will get a fair go. This translates to a better outcome for clients and greater trust in the process.

CW: Gazing into the proverbial ‘crystal ball', what do you deem as the future?

MR: People are rediscovering camping and caravanning as a holiday choice. And there’s a younger demographic emerging (mid-20s) who are ‘starting their journey’, whereas a decade ago it was the 50+ age bracket and Grey Nomads.

CW: What are the predominant day-to-day roles of your staff?

MR: A growing number of people are choosing brokers for their RV finance. We have staff that specialise in acquiring competitive interest rates and low establishment fees. We offer convenience, a good product and personalised service. Many of our clients have been with us since our commencement two decades ago.

CW: What are the prime advantages of dealing with Credit One?

MR: With us, it’s just not transactional. We’re with the customer for the entire journey. In most cases the client will be liaising with the same staff member on matters such as claims, upgrades, etc. In essence, financiers are setting terms of loans rather than dealers, which ensures everyone is treated fairly. And they can apply online 24 hours a day. Generally, we get back to them the same day with an approval. It’s a quick turnaround.

CW: Can you describe any further benefits to RV owners (or would-be owners) of using Credit One?

MR: As a broker, we work for our clients (4.9 out of 5 Google rating). We always provide competitive interest rates and products, and seek flexible loan terms from one to seven years. And being affiliated with many reputable lenders, we provide a wide range of products. When you utilise Credit One, you are assured quick and no-fuss service. And Credit One provides no-obligation quotes.

CW: Would you agree that the RV finance industry is proliferating?

MR: RV finance is burgeoning. And the caravan/camper trailer sector is one of the strongest assets that we finance.

CW: What is the interest rate comparison with a motor vehicle etc?

MR: It’s a very similar interest rate… A new two to three-year-old caravan is comparable to new motor vehicle finance, and better in some cases (ie show specials' discounted rates).

CW: What would you say ‘presses your buttons’ work-wise?

MR: I’m passionate about assisting more clients, and helping our dealer partners grow their business.

CW: Can you briefly explain Credit One’s far-reaching scope within its group of companies?

MR: Credit One’s scope includes car finance, business finance, caravan finance and insurance, marine finance and insurance, and property finance and insurance. We have a professional relationship with more than 30 different financial institutions and a handful of insurance companies.

Footnote: Michael Rojek celebrated 19 years as a finance broker in the RV industry on May 9 this year.


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