Motorhome layouts

Caravan World staff — 17 October 2017

Here, we look at some common motorhome layouts including a typical campervan, a larger entry-level motorhome, a mid-range model and a top-of-the-line luxury RV to help you figure out what's best for you.


25-30 years ago, campervans were the little kings in the motorhome world - they were everywhere in Australia and popular models included the ubiquitous VW Kombi and Toyota Hiace. Over the years, the campervan has waned in popularity, and a variety of base vehicles have come and gone, but both the VW and Hiace are still around today.

The interior space of a campervan does minimise the number of alternative layouts that are available, and the available comforts and options, but they're an affordable way to get on the road in an RV. Camping at this level really gets down to basics – they're designed for basic, lightweight and budget camping.

Average price: Starting from about $50,000


An entry-level motorhome will have most of the things you need and none of the things you don't. Common base vehicles include Fiat's Ducato or the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and sleeping berths could range from two to four. You'll likely get a bathroom, though it may be a combo unit.

Average price: $100,000-$150,000


Comfort, safety and a fair whack of luxury are all hallmarks of a mid-range motorhome, which can still set you back in the order of a quarter of a million dollars! 

You'll start to see more luxury features and comforts in this part of the market, and a focus on contruction techniques and safety. Common base vehicles include the Ducato, Sprinter, or Iveco Daily.

Average price: $150,000 - $250,000


Think soft-closing doors, a liquor cabinet, dual slide-outs, and heated massage chairs and you're on the right track to figuring out life in a large, luxury motorhome.

There are basically no limits here – anything you think of can usually be accommodated.

Average price: Above $250,000

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