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Philip Lord — 30 June 2014

Here at Caravan World we've been behind the wheel of many towing vehicles while out on the road performing caravan reviews. That's why we think we know exactly what is required of the perfect 4x4, from the LandCruiser to the Land Ranger. So we've rounded up 10 of the best towing vehicles - for more, check out our tow channel where you'll find reviews of models from Holden, Toyota and more.

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Top 10 tow vehicles

1. Toyota LandCruiser 200 TDV8

Max capacity: 350kg/3500kg

The big Cruiser has been with us for eight years but nothing on the mainstream vehicle market has been able to shove it off the mantle as best tow tug. A big thirst for diesel, yes, but  a big fuel tank, plenty of room, power and towing stability more than make up for it.

2. Range Rover SDV6 3.0

Max capacity: 350kg/3500kg

The twin-turbo diesel is a cracker, giving the sort of performance that you may forget you're actually towing. With air suspension taking out the rough edges, a very spacious, well designed interior and reasonable fuel capacity, the Range does it all in style.

3. Land Rover Discovery 4 3.0

Max capacity:350kg/3500kg

No doubt that the Range Rover is a premium vehicle at a premium price, but the Disco 4 is much more affordable than the RR while still an excellent tow hauler. Yes, you miss out on the bells and whistles, but you still get one of the most practical, well thought-out SUV interiors in the business plus a solid, stable towing platform. 

4. Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 TD

Max capacity: 350kg/3500kg

This vehicle not only trounces most other five-seat SUVs for value, it also provides great towing performance and economy. It's generally a pretty stable towing tug, too.

5. Lexus LX570

Max capacity: 350kg/3500kg

The big cousin of 'Cruiser (they share much of their platforms) has a punchy petrol V8 to drag along any van as if it wasn't there, plus has a rock-solid chassis for towing the heaviest of loads. Sure it has a substantial petrol thirst, but if you want to arrive at camp in style and without breaking a sweat, this is the vehicle to do it in.

6. Volkswagen Amarok TDI400

Max capacity: 300kg/3000kg

Who would've thought a little 2.0-litre could belt out so much power and torque, plus deliver such good fuel economy, provide such good ride quality and stability? All this while towing a caravan, too.

7. Ford Ranger/Mazda BT-50

Max capacity: 350kg/3500kg

The almost pigeon pair might have gruff diesel engines, but they punch out very healthy torque numbers and tow almost anything without breaking a sweat. Quite stable tow tows, too.

8. Isuzu MU-X

Max capacity: 300kg/3500kg

A little expensive for a relatively small player, and a little soft in the suspension, the MU-X moe than makes up for  these shortfalls with superlative towing performance. A smooth performer, and a rock-solid towing platform to boot.

9. Land Rover 90

Max capacity: 350kg/3500kg

Probably the least likely vehicle to reach a Top 10 Tow Vehicles list, the Defender 90 is a real surprise packet. This latest version of the Puma turbo-diesel is very smooth and responsive and pulls a van along with ease. Even more surprising is the ability of this short-wheelbase vehicle to shoulder the weight of a caravan and be completely rock-solid while doing so.

10. VF Holden SV6 Sportwagon

Max capacity: 210kg/2100kg

While it lacks the towing numbers of the others here, the Sportwagon is a very capacble tow vehicle. Decent towing performance from its 3.6-litre petrol V6 tied to a planted chassis makes for a relaxing towing proposition. 

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Philip Lord, Phil Cooper, Jack Murphy and Ellen Dewar