CW Staff — 16 April 2014

A luxury caravan should offer a balance of comfort and style, but it also has to be able to perform. There's no point in modern fixtures and fittings if the van can't handle long hauls on the open road, unless of course it's purely aesthetics you're after.

Our Caravan World reviewers have tested enough caravans in their time to know that luxury and utility are achievable. To prove it we've rounded up 10 of the best show-stopping caravans that can go the distance.

Think expert craftsmanship, stunning finishes and innovative technology. They might be pricey, but all the caravans listed below certainly offer value for money.

Before you invest in a luxury caravan, read these reviews to help you decide...

Caravan World's top 10 luxury RVs

  1. Nova Pride Platinum

Innovation is the key to the success of Nova’s Pride Platinum luxury caravan.

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  2. Paramount Utility

Paramount Utility is a big, beautiful van with unparalleled storage options and a stylish interior.

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  3. Evernew E900 Series

Given its build quality, it offers terrific value for money and is up there with the best of them.

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  4. New Age Oz Classic

The raffia-weave flooring and two-tone cabinets help the Oz Classic make a great first impression.

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  5. Regent Monarch

The Regent Monarch is a well-equipped van with just about everything you need for long term touring.

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  6. Royal Flair Piazza

The Piazza is one of the early adopters of the Sky-Deck, an invention that adds plenty of undercover floorspace - outside!

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  7. Humpback Smartvan Caravan

The Aussie by Design Humpback Smartvan has a unique design and is loaded with clever features.

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  8. Bailey Unicorn Cartagena

If you have luxury caravan aspirations and you haven’t had a close look at a British Bailey, you haven’t done your homework.

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  9. Jayco Silverline Outback

The Silverline is the first caravan since 1975 to be fitted with independent suspension as standard.

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  10. Elite Luxury Class 2306

The Lotus Trooper caravan combines true offroad capability with stylish creature comforts.

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