Caravan World — 24 February 2012

THE NEXT ISSUE OF Caravan World will be our 500th.

That's a milestone we're really proud of. We've come a long way since the 1960s, and it becomes fairly obvious just how much has changed over the decades when you flick through the Caravan World covers gallery.

Is it the art deco van interiors, or the psychedelic flares on our models, that make these covers so priceless? (Actual price: 30c)

Consider this, dear readers: rather than what has changed since the magazine first graced the dinettes of Australian RVs, perhaps it's what has stayed the same, that really gives the Caravan World masthead its value...

So many decades on, our readers still love the caravanning lifestyle, and we still love writing about it.

Some things, it seems, just don't change.

Tell us about your favourite cover and you could WIN a reversing camera from Jaycar Electronics!

See the covers gallery here


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